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27 October 2023

7 Must-Visit Scenic Lakes in Goa

When one thinks of Goa, the mind often conjures images of pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, this tropical paradise is not just about sandy shores and bustling streets. Amidst the picturesque landscapes of this coastal state lie some hidden gems – serene lakes that offer a different kind of Goa experience. From shimmering waters to lush surroundings, these lakes promise a peaceful escape from the usual tourist hotspots. In this blog, we will explore seven must-visit lakes in Goa, all sourced from verified and reliable information.

Carambolim Lake

Nestled in the heart of Goa, Carambolim Lake (also known as Karmali Lake) is one of the biggest lakes in Goa. The place is a paradise for people who enjoy birdwatching and nature. This freshwater lake is surrounded by lush greenery and attracts a myriad of migratory birds during the winter months. With over 50 species of avian visitors, including pintails, storks, and kingfishers, it provides an excellent opportunity to witness nature’s wonders up close.

The lake is approximately 12km distant from Panjim City. One of the most significant attractions of this lake is its biodiversity and serene surroundings. The best time to visit the lake for birdwatching is between November and March at the time of sunset.

Mayem Lake

Mayem Lake is one of the most visited lakes in Goa because of its proximity to the Thivim railway station. Set amidst the rolling hills of Bicholim taluka, Mayem Lake is a peaceful and charming sight that captivates visitors with its serene beauty. The lake is vast and huge and is an ideal spot for boating and paddleboarding, allowing tourists to unwind and explore its beauty. 

Surrounded by lush green hills and swaying coconut palms, Mayem Lake is an ideal spot for relaxation and meditation. There are several hotels and staying options near the lake where tourists can plan their vacations or simply take a peaceful stroll along the lake’s perimeter.

Chorao Island

Chorao Island, located in the Mandovi River near Panaji, is not only a serene spot but also an attractive place for its stunning flora and fauna. It is also home to the enchanting Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary which has several animals and birds. 

The island’s beautiful forests and mangroves create a unique ecosystem, making it a haven for a wide variety of bird species. Tourists can enjoy boat rides through the mangroves while also immersing in the island’s natural charm. Apart from birdwatching and boat riding, Chorao Island offers serene and scenic surroundings for nature walks and picnics.

Sanvordem Lake

Located in South Goa, Sanvordem Lake is a hidden gem that few tourists know about. Its peaceful, green surroundings and crystal-clear waters create a stunning ambiance perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. 

Whether you’re an avid photographer or simply seeking peace away from the crowds, Sanvordem Lake is a must-visit destination. Tourists can take a leisurely walk along the lake’s shore, enjoying the fresh air and scenic beauty. It is a great escape from the busier parts of Goa.

Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Arambol Sweet Water Lake, also known as Paliem Lake, is a unique attraction in North Goa. Located near Arambol Beach, this lake is an amazing getaway location for tourists who want a break from their bustling life. 

The lake is relatively shallow thus making it a hotspot for visitors to enjoy a refreshing swim and bath in its cool waters. Moreover, tourists can enjoy stunning photography and an evening walk around the beautiful lake. The surrounding landscape adds to the charm, creating a serene and picturesque setting.

Kuskem Waterfall and Lake

Located in the Canacon region, the Kuskem Waterfall and Lake is a hidden treasure and the most scenic waterfall in Goa. Hidden in the lush green forests, the waterfall leaves a milky water thus making it an attractive spot for tourists. The tourists who come to explore Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, plan their visit to Kuskem Waterfall trek also. 

Visitors can trek through the forest to reach the waterfall and lake, immersing themselves in the pristine beauty of this unexplored corner of Goa . The area is relatively unexplored, making it an excellent spot for adventurers seeking solitude and tranquillity.

Chicalim Lake

Located near the village of Chicalim in South Goa, Chicalim Lake is a serene water body surrounded by mangroves and lush greenery. The lake provides an ideal habitat for various bird species, attracting birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. 

Besides birdwatching, Chicalim Lake is famous for its stunning sunsets. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely evening stroll along the lake’s shore, basking in the vibrant hues of the setting sun.


In conclusion, these seven must-visit lakes in Goa offer a diverse range of experiences, from birdwatching and boating to serene walks and unique natural phenomena. Exploring these hidden gems will undoubtedly add a touch of tranquility and natural beauty to your Goa trip, providing a refreshing escape from the bustling tourist spots. If you’re planning an extended stay, consider enhancing your experience by checking out apartment rentals in Goa through This comprehensive platform not only provides insights about these enchanting lakes but also offers valuable information about accommodation options, including apartment rentals in Goa. So, if you’re looking to experience a different side of Goa while enjoying a comfortable stay, these captivating lakes should be at the top of your travel itinerary.


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