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7 December 2020

Goa Diary – Monsoon Trekking From June To August

The name, Goa, kindles a vacation vibe, a home to some of the most electric festivals and parties, beaches and a perfect place to detox your body, mind and soul.

But, is Goa only a party destination? The answer is “NO”

There is much more to Goa than all of this. Goa is not just any travel destination with handpicked features, it is full of unforeseen adventure and excitement. The beaches have their beauty and thrill of water sports, the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Goa invites hundreds of other things to see in Goa from waterfalls, national parks and much more.

There is no dearth of exciting activities that can be planned on Goa. It all depends on the individual taste. From canyoning, trekking to hot air ballooning, there are hundreds of thrilling activities to do in Goa all year round. Even during the rains, when Goa experiences an off-season, many tourists visit Goa for other thrilling activities here. The mountain ranges are beautiful during the rains and is thus a perfect place for trekking. For all the adrenaline lovers, who love to trek, Goa is an ideal place.

The monsoon trekking in Goa is equally exciting and thrilling as it sounds. The forests and mountains are lush green during this season, and is just ideal for trekking. If you’re lucky enough, you will have sightings of various species of birds and animals in the forests during your trekking.

Places to hit for Monsoon Trekking in Goa

There are two main places for Monsoon Trekking Adventure organized by Goa Tourism. The first one is a one-day trek in Dongurli village, about 65 km away from the state capital Panjim. Being one of the most popular monsoon trekking spots in Goa and is ideal for all age, it is organized by the Goa tourism department.

The Youth Hostel Association of India in Panjim organizes a trekking expedition which lasts for 6 days. The trek takes place in Mhadei wildlife sanctuary of Sattari in North Goa. There are beautiful waterfalls here, and is again, ideal for all age, but younger generation flock here more.

Another adventurous trek is a one-day waterfall trek in Tambdi-Surla. Waterfall trek is a popular and moderate-level trek in Goa. The main attraction in Tambdi Surla is a temple of Lord Shiva built in the 12th century. The intricate carvings of the temple embellish the interior and sides of the temple.

Prices for Monsoon Trekking in Goa

The price for monsoon trekking is quite average and is totally worth the experience. The prices may vary from time to time. The monsoon trek organized by GTDC is a one-day trek. The prices can be checked online at Goa tourism website.

The trek expedition organized by Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) in Goa is a 6-day expedition. The prices here are inclusive of accommodation, food, expert guidance, equipment and veg as well as non-veg meals. The prices can be checked online and may vary from time to time. There is a pickup service available for this expedition from Panjim.

The expedition is a group activity consisting of 50 members. The expedition begins only after 50 registrations.

Making the plans

Monsoon trekking in goa tourism is an adventurous activity, and while many of the tourists are seasoned trekkers, it is advisable for all the participants to take note of a few things before registering.

  • There is always a trek leader with your group, who is well-versed with the trekking routes and do’s and don’ts. Follow his lead during the trek.
  • Make sure you follow his instructions religiously in order to maintain your own safety.
  • Inform your trek leader of any allergies or fears you have.
  • Make sure you carry ample rainwear, and are fully equipped with all the trek equipment.
  • Your instructor will update you with a list of things to carry while on the trek. Make sure you carry it all for a convenient and safe experience.
  • Carry your medications if any.
  • Monsoon trekking requires a minimum level of fitness.
  • Organizers reserve the right to make any changes in the program without giving any notice.
  • Carry an ID-card along with you on the trek to ensure your safety.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times while on trek.
  • Do not wander off from your group in the forests.
  • Do not indulge in any smoking or drinking activities before or during the trek.

If your Goa visit is going to include some thrilling activities, then this is the right place to be. Visit our website for more information.



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