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25 May 2021

Travel with Assurance: Covid Travel Tips

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the current scenario, owing to the pandemic, a gloomy atmosphere surrounds us all. This article will provide a detailed insight into everything you need to know about how to travel better in 2021, especially in the age of COVID-19.

While we were still recovering from the earlier onslaught of the virus, we again got entrapped in the more severe and deadly 2nd wave. This means that all our planning for travel and bucket-list have gone on hold and need to be restructured.

We need to be aware of all, that is required for travelling, right from PCR test, government approvals, daily monitoring of the situation. This would serve as an eye-opener and would be helpful if you are planning your trip to get out of your home and to reach someplace where you can work as well relax.

How realistic, it is to travel in 2021 during the current scenario?

This is a burning question that we ask every day to ourselves whether it is safe to venture out now.

We’ve spent countless hours debating the pros and cons of travel during the pandemic and the answer that we get is very confusing. But Yes, we can travel and we can make our travelling very safe and organised. We must consider few ranges on which we can establish our travel goals.

These includes:

  • The first and foremost is Travel Insurance. Before pandemic, it was always considered as an additional expense, but not anymore. Travel insurance covers many damages like Flight getting missed, injury or illness while travelling, lost baggage, lost travel documents, and any other unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, with the unpredictable situation of the Corona Virus throughout, it is imperative to buy Travel Insurance while travelling.
  • The current pandemic situation in your area and the location where you are planning to travel (especially the health services and restrictions in case of any emergency).
  • Government travel restrictions on both the locations and all the guidelines issued by the state governments.
  • Currently most of the state borders are asking for Negative RT-PCR, so don’t even think of venturing out without having one as by doing this, you are keeping yourself safe as well as others, who might get in contact with you during your journey.
  • During the current situation, tourism has come to a dead stop for the time being, so it is the perfect time to venture to locations where you can keep working from home as well as enjoy the calmness and beauty of the place. Perfect opportunity to bond with the local communities and relish the freshness, devoid of the rush of mainstream tourism during the season.
  • Choosing an operator and your stay, who are following the COVID guidelines is another important factor that cannot be overlooked. Travel operator who are following the COVID guidelines sincerely as well the hotels and resort, who are sanitizing their place well enough before your check-in at the place.
  • Most essential, don’t forget to wear the Mask and sanitize and wash your hands whenever you come back from outside. Of course, this is not necessary to reiterate, but a reminder is always good.

Tourism is an industry, where millions of livelihoods depend on the tourists visiting that place and without tourism, the impacts are far-reaching and extremely scary. Without tourism, in absence of tourism, many would lose their jobs or just struggle to stay afloat and survive.

This article can be concluded with attention to the fact that we all need to travel but we need to do it responsibly now as this is the time when individual obligation comes in. So, if you are planning to travel shortly, then do with utmost commitment to take care of yourself as well as others around you.

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Keep safe, wear a Mask and maintain Social Distancing!!!


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