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14 May 2021

Visit Goa – Our Preparedness To Welcome Guest

The current nationwide lockdown has again bought the memories back of the torturous period, which started in March 2020. In the first lockdown, we had been caught unprepared. The empty roads, clear blue skies, clean beaches and slow pace of life. Of course, time is very painful and we all need lots of strength to go by.

At the same time, Goa has also evolved as one of the safest heavens to spend time, during this pandemic. people and business have learnt from the experience and have been upgrading themselves, having more awareness than ever.

People with disposable income looking for a break from the city—a trend that has only picked up steam since Goa opened its borders post-lockdown and many more Indians from outside the state decided to shift base, temporarily or permanently, to work from a more scenic location. Since the last lockdown, however, there seems to be greater interest in engineering an escape to Goa and rightly so. Who does not want to have a peaceful life, away from the hustle of the metro and to spend some quality time with family or just to Work from Home, a new trend, which is picking fast among all age group, where the luxury of working inside the fully equipped property, even home-cooked meal delivered to the doorstep.

Visit Goa, one of the premium hospitality company in Goa has done the same. All our properties have a perfect and comfortable WFH environment. With all amenities available inside the property and taking thorough safety precautions and protocols, the properties have become an ideal spot for all those, who want to stay here for a longer period, to work and to enjoy or just to take a break from uncertainty, which is looming all across and needless to say, providing budgeted accommodation is the prime concern for us.

This is an unprecedented moment when people all over the world, millions of us, are experiencing variations of the same thing: curfew, lockdown, isolation, solitude. We have always been a fighter, fighting for our survival, this is what human race is all about.

Visit-Goa welcomes you, to our properties where you sit back and relax and we take care of you and all your needs. Rest assured, the time will also pass, and bright and sunny days are ahead. We are with you in this time of uncertainty, so will be, when the good times are back.

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